14702458_1706098013040802_1957251068598913292_n“The possible’s slow fuse is lit by the imagination.”

–Emily Dickenson

I’m not that interesting. My life wouldn’t make a very good movie and I like nothing better than a mug of tea and a good book. There is little excitement in my life. And I’m okay with that.


I’ve lived other lives. Skipping across a page in black and white, I’m anywhere. Anyone. Even better? I’ve created worlds where others can find romance and adventure. You might be a stay at home mom, exhausted and covered in spit up, and find yourself solving a mystery after the kids are in bed. Maybe you’ve worked a sixty-hour week and don’t have time for a vacation. My friend, Lindsey Brackett, offers you romance and family at the beach in Still Waters.

We read because we want to escape. Not forever, but for now. We read because we can only live one life—usually a fairly predictable one—and we’re wondering what if. We read because language is beautiful, but 140 characters doesn’t allow for breadth and depth.

I write because I want to offer you, my readers, all of those things.